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Commercial Rolling Doors

Introduction to Commercial Overhead and Roll-Up Doors

Also known as rolling "drum" doors, commercially rated doors offer a wide variety of construction techniques and operation methods to fit almost any budget. Commercial doors can be installed in steel, wood, brick or concrete buildings. Commercial "drum" doors can also be tailored to your specific application requirements and are offered in a wide variety of colors. Windows, ventilation ports and even entry doors can be added for a truly custom function.

Sheet Doors

"Sheet" doors begin with a 26-gauge corrugated "curtain" of galvanized and painted steel. These doors can be insulated and/or wind-locked for extra durability. Typically reserved for smaller sizes and light-duty applications, sheet doors are economical and easy to maintain. They can be operated by any method, including hand, or optional chain hoist or electronic operator.

Slat Doors

Interlocking slats ranging in metal thickness from 24-gauge to 18-gauge make up the curtain of interlocking slats ranging in metal thickness from 24-gauge to 18-gauge make up the curtain of these hardy doors. Usually rated for medium to heavy industrial use, these doors can also be insulated and/or wind-locked for greater lasting reliability. Some models can be certified to withstand up to 150 mph. These doors are usually operated by chain hoist. Slat doors work just as reliably with optional electrical motors.

Fire Doors

Manufactured to the highest standards, fire-rated doors are UL tested and certified to withstand extreme temperatures for 45-minute, 90-minute, three-hour and four-hour intervals, depending upon your specific requirements. These doors incorporate a number of standard safety features such as 165-degree, fusible links. They work well by optional chain hoists or electrical motors, and can synchronize with a variety of fire detection systems.

Counter and Grille Doors

Security and beauty are combined into counter shutters and grille doors for virtually any application. Aluminum or stainless steel curtains are used to secure your openings of any size. These grilles can be hidden for a truly seamless look to your finished shop, storefront or countertop. Soft brushes and dual bottom bars provide virtual silence while in motion and a soft, nonmarring touch to your countertop.

Commercial Sectional, Overhead & Roll-Up Doors

Central Valley Overhead Door's roll-up doors are constructed using the finest raw materials, produced by the hands of skilled craftsmen, customized with computer-aided precision, and delivered both on time and with care. Our entire line of 3200 Series overhead doors was specially engineered for extra durability to afford years of dependable operation – even in the toughest industrial environments. Central Valley Overhead Door's commercial roll-up doors are tough and dependable!

Polyurethane Thermal Doors

Model 3216 Polyurethane Thermal Door
R-Value: 14.3*

  • Formed-in-place polyurethane core permanently bonds the 26-gauge face and back steel to form a rigid homogeneous section
  • 2-inch thick sections are thermally broken to eliminate convection
  • Tongue-and-groove meeting rails with join gasketing provide superior joint strength and prevent air infiltration
  • Concealed hinge attachment plates run the full height of sections for superior strength
  • Rigid exterior and stiles are finished painted white
  • Glass is available in 7/16-inch insulated or ¼-inch tempered glass
  • Glass is easily replaced or substituted by removing molded frames
  • Exhaust port is optional for bottom section
  • Track options include 2-inch or 3-inch bracket or clip angle mount and designed to accommodate virtually any headroom design requirements.
  • Heavy duty hardware may be specified with 11- or 14-gauge hinges and 10 ball rollers
  • Bottom U-shaped astragal is standard
  • Increased wind load requirements may be specified
  • Available in finish coat colors of white, brown, sandstone and almond

*Calculated in accordance with ASHRAE standard formulas.

Ribbed Steel

  • 3250 25-Gauge, Uninsulated
  • 3251 25-Gauge, Insulated w/ Vinyl Back
  • 3252 25-Gauge, Insulated w/Steel Back
  • 3240 24-Gauge. Uninsulated
  • 3241 24-Gauge, Insulated w/ Vinyl Back
  • 3242 24-Gauge, Insulated w/ Steel Back
  • 3220 20-Gauge, Uninsulated
  • 3221 20-Gauge, Insulated w/ Vinyl Back
  • 3222 20-Gauge, Insulated w/ Steel Back

A Complete Line of Commercial Door Openers

Commercial sites have needs that are very different from residential applications, frequency of use being the most common difference. Whereas the typical garage door opener may only be used a few times daily, a commercial operator may be used several times an hour. With this heavy industrial usage in mind, LiftMaster® has developed a full line of operators that provide the highest levels of strength and durability. LiftMaster professionals can assess precisely what you need and install a reliable system your business can count on for many years to come!
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