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Door Will Not Go Up

Possible Problems:

  • Springs – broken/not broken
  • Lock engaged or something in the way
  • No power to unit
  • Up-force adjustment set too light

Door Will Not Go Down

Possible Problems:

  • Vacation lock on
  • Something blocking sensors
  • Sensor bumped out of alignment
  • Down force adjustment set too light
  • Wayne Dalton safety latch locked with door in up position
  • Cables off door or door out of level
  • No power to unit

If Your Garage Door Did Not Come Equipped With a Garage Door Opener, Use the Following Steps to Open & Close Your Garage Door

  1. Go through the front door of your home
  2. Go into the garage
  3. Unlock the door using the inside lock
  4. Lift your door manually with the built-in handles
  5. Lift the door slowly, being careful not to throw the door up too fast, as this may cause the cables to come off or damage to your door, or it may cause your door to become stuck in the up position

Important Message

When considering a purchase of a garage door opener for your garage door:

Don't allow any other company to install a garage door opener on your door other than the contractor that built your home or the company that installed your garage door, as doing so may result in damage to your door and/or create a safety hazard – plus, it could void your warranty. We also provide a safety label with your door purchase.
We also provide a safety label in the garage to remind you that if anyone other than the installing dealer installs an opener on a CVOD garage door, they will assume all liability for the damage or injury for your garage door and/or loved ones because they modified the original installation. For instance, in the instructions for garage door openers, it says to adjust the garage door first before proceeding with the installation of the garage door opener. Failure to do so may cause problems with your garage door which will not be covered by the garage door warranty.

It would be like buying a brand new car and having the engine modified to go faster by someone other than the manufacturer, and then have the engine stop working, and expect the car manufacturer to warranty your car’s engine!

So why would you let anyone other than Central Valley Overhead Door monkey around with the investment you have in your home and the safety of your loved ones?

If you consider the time, gas, purchase price, installation cost and tax you would spend on a garage door opener from a big box store, you'll not only find us competitively priced, but you will also have peace of mind that it was done right!