Your garage door is much more than an entry and exit point. It's a major part of your home's décor, and it adds to the overall efficiency of your house. With all of the functions these doors have, it's essential to understand how they can actually benefit you, your family and your home. If you know what different types of garage doors may mean for your home and your wallet, you can pick the one that's just right for your needs.

Before you buy a new garage door, take a look at these must-ask questions. Your answers can help you to determine both your wants and needs when it comes to choosing your door.

How Important Is Energy Efficiency?
Some garage doors are better than others at keeping the elements out. A thin, uninsulated or damaged door can let the hot or cold air from outside in. If your garage isn't heated or cooled, this can make the inside air even more of a problem. Why? The rest of your house may have to work harder to heat or cool its space just to make up for the drafty or overly hot garage - especially when you open the interior door that's between your garage and your home.
If your existing door is causing some serious energy loss, replacing it with a door that has better insulation can help to bring down costs and make your home more comfortable. Steel, fiberglass and vinyl doors can all have insulation in the middle. This makes them more energy efficient and better able to keep the elements out.

What Is Your Home's Style?
Your garage door is the first thing people see when they come to your home. It adds that special curb appeal you're looking for and makes a difference when it comes to the entire look of your property. Whether you're renovating your home's exterior completely or just replacing the door, you have plenty of options. Along with choosing a material that makes sense for your energy efficiency needs, your pick can also add to your overall design scheme.
For example, if you're going for a traditional or country look, a naturally-finished wood door may be the way to go. But if you want a
contemporary, sleek finish, a steel or glass door may be a better option. If you're using colors to tie your home's décor together, fiberglass doors typically come in a wide selection of hues. You can also consider painting a wooden door to match the rest of your home's exterior accents.

What Is Your Budget?
Can garage doors get pricey? Of course they can. But that doesn't mean you need to use up your entire home improvement or renovation budget on a replacement. There are a variety of types of doors, and they come in an array of different price points.
You can choose a more utilitarian door that puts function over form to save a few dollars. This doesn't mean that economy-level garage doors look cheaply made. There are plenty of lower priced doors that can add to your home's appearance, without going over-the-top with the cost. If your budget is bigger, you can choose a more ornate door or one that is better insulated.
Keep in mind, you may have more options than you think. Talk to your garage door pro to find out what styles are available to meet your needs. Some less expensive doors use features such as stamped panels or embossing to create the look of a more expensive material (such as wood), minus the hefty price tag.

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